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Welcome to brought to you by the Education to Career Network of North San Diego County. This website is the landing page and hub for the yearly Path to Palomar event. Our goal is to bring Adult Students across the Education to Career Network consortium of schools a night to learn more about the education and career opportunities offered at Palomar College. 

Featured Programs for the October 17th, 2023 Event

Steps to Getting to Palomar College

Path to Palomar November 3rd, 2022 Event Recording

Path to Palomar Promotional & Informational Videos

Enrollment, Financial Aid, and the Palomar Promise

In this preview promotion for the January 18, 2022 Path to Palomar event, we have Education to Career Network Career Education Specialist, Denise McAndrews, interviews Larry Moyano from the Adult Education Program at Palomar College. 

Path to Palomar Success Story - An Interview with Oscar Lopez

In this preview for Path to Palomar 2022 produced by Education to Career Network of North San Diego County, we have Oscar Lopez, a former adult education student who now works as a Transition Coordinator at Escondido Adult School, who graduated and transitioned from San Marcos Adult School to Palomar College during his educational career. In this interview, he outlines how Adult Education helped prepare and support him for Palomar College and beyond. Additionally, he discusses how Adult Education set him up for a pathway towards his career where he now helps adult students in several capacities to help them continue their education. 

Path to Palomar Success Story - An Interview with Guadalupe Martinez

In this Path to Palomar Student Success Story interview, Guadalupe Martinez discusses her journey from Vista Adult School to Palomar College. In this video, you will learn about her educational journey and the support she received as she continued her education through Adult Education and then to Palomar College. 

Path to Palomar Success Story - An Interview with Victor Dominguez

In this Path to Palomar Student Success Interview, Victor Dominguez discusses how he returned to school after many years at Vista Adult School and how the Adult School prepared him to continue his education after many years in the workforce. He outlines how his teachers and counselors prepared him to attend Palomar College as well as be successful there as he continued his education and began transitioning into a new career in Waste Water Management. 

Please click the PLAY icon above on the YouTube videos featuring interviews of students who have attended Palomar College discussing how their experiences in Adult Education prepared them for their next step education and career steps. 

Please click on the following image above to learn more about each program and attend live sessions with professors on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 at 5:30 pm. 

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